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The Blind Date

It is Thursday afternoon, and I am sat at work, desperately overworked and fed up with my job. I need a break, so I open up Facebook and see who is about to chat. I see Craig online. I had met up with Craig a few times, and we had taken things a little further than just friends. He’s a bi guy like me and has a really sexy body and a nice big cock. When we met up, he had got me to do things I thought I would never do. I let him tie me up and treat me like his sex slave. It was a really hot session. Maybe we could do that again… so I drop him a message;


Pete: Hey bud

Craig: Alrighty matey how’s you?

Pete: I’m ok, bored at work and need something to look forward to ;) What are you up to tonight? Fancy hooking up?

Craig: haha

Craig: you horny then?

Pete: YES MATE!!

Craig: No can do tonight mate, but you might be able to help me out. I was supposed to be taking my Mistress out tonight, but work has sent me to Barcelona for a meeting, and I now won’t get back to the UK till Friday. She would like you, and I think you would enjoy it too… would you go in my place?

Pete: Mistress???

Craig: Yeah mate, she owns me. 

Pete: wow

Craig: you loved it when I treated you like my bitch last time

Craig: I think you’ll enjoy this even more. You’ll hopefully get me out of been punished too

Pete: erm ok. I am kinda nervous.


[long wait]


Craig: Ok, you’re booked in. Mistress has all your details. You need to get to the Cinema complex in town at 7 pm (sharp) and go to the pizza restaurant. Table booked in your name. Don’t be late and wear something sexy for her. Do as your told, or we will both be in trouble ;)

Pete: Can I see a picture of her?

Craig: Nah mate… Mistress has ordered me not to. Got to go… Don’t be late! Cya

Pete: But how will I know who she is?

Craig: Just follow Mistress’s orders! Bye


[Craig signs off]


I look at the time and see I have only 1 hour till I finish work. I will have to hurry home to get changed and ready and be there by 7 pm. I guess that will help as I won’t have time to chicken out. 


I check my phone for the time as I walk into the Cinema Complex. I am 5 minutes early. I head to the restaurant and wait at the entrance for a server to come to me. A young, bubbly girl in her waitress uniform shimmies towards me. 


“Hello Sir, do you have a reservation?”

“Yes, it should be in the name Pete” I replied

She checks the list. “Here you are, table for two in a booth. Please follow me.”

I follow her through the restaurant. It’s about half full with a few couples and families enjoying a meal before going to the cinema. She points me to the booth, and I slide into it on the side that is looking towards the door to keep an eye out for my mystery date.

“Sorry Sir, I know this is kinda odd, but I have been told that you should sit this side” as the waitress points to the opposite side that has its back to the entrance.

My face starts to go a bit red with embarrassment, and I can see the girl is embarrassed too by the strange instructions.

“Yes, I am sorry”, as I get up and sit myself down on the other side.

“Do you want a drink whilst you wait for the rest of your party to arrive?”

“Erm, yes…” as I examine the menu “, I’ll have a glass of your house white, thank you.”

“Small or large?”

“Better make it a large” I smiled back at her

“Would you like some bread and olives?”

“Sure”, I replied, and she heads towards the bar to get my order.


I look around nervously to see if I can see anyone that could be the mystery woman that Craig has set me up with. I check the time on my phone several times.


As I am looking at my phone for the umpteenth time, I am suddenly greeted with “You must be Pete?” as a beautiful tall woman with long dark hair stands beside me, catching me completely off guard.


I fumble to put my phone back into my pocket and get up to greet her. “Yes, I am”, the dawn of realisation that I don’t know her name. All I know is Craig called her Mistress. I must have looked like a complete dummy as I am unsure what to do or say. I just hold my hand out nervously and meekly say, “Mistress?”


“Yes,” she confidently replies as she takes off her big black coat revealing a tight black dress with a zip that goes all the way up the side. The dress clings to every part of her magnificent body. My eyes are casting up and down her body. I am dumbstruck that I have a date with this beautiful woman. My eyes come up to meet hers. She has a stern look on her face but with a slight smirk of pleasure as she notices me looking her up and down. She holds her coat towards me. “Slave”, she barks which snaps me back to reality.


“Erm, sorry, Mistress” I drop my eyes to the floor and bow my head slightly, feeling odd to been called a slave so publicly and been called a slave at all. As my eyes fall to her feet, I see she is wearing black shiny high heels, making her even taller. She towers over me and exudes power and confidence.  I take her coat and hang it on a nearby hook and head back to the table where she is now sitting. I stand awkwardly beside the table, not knowing what I should do. I could see she was in charge here, and I must just do as I am told. Having this powerful woman take control of me quickly soon reaches my cock, which has decided to wake up and get very erect. I try to subtle adjust it so that it doesn’t show too much but fail dreadfully.


“How dare you touch yourself!” she growls at me. “I’ll tell you when you can touch yourself. Now sit down, you stupid bitch as we haven’t got long.”


I sit down quickly bang the head of my cock on the bottom of the table as I slide into the booth. I look down at my plate, unsure where to look or what to say. My face was bright red now. I gently look up and can see she is getting great pleasure out of embarrassing me. I smile as I realise that I am enjoying it too.


The waitress returns to the table with my drink, bread and olive. Before the waitress can say anything, Mistress says, “Did you order this?”


“Yes, I did” my eyes drop back to the table.


“No, no, no. Please send these back. You can leave them on the bill, though,” she tells the waitress. “What we will have is two of your caesar salads, he will have a glass of tap water, and I’ll have a glass of Champagne. Please hurry as we are going to see an 8 pm movie.”


“Ok, no problem” the waitress takes the order and head back with my failed order.


“You must learn to take instructions, slave,” she says across the table at me. “I hear from Craig that you’re not very experienced and have never been owned before. Is that correct?”


“Yes”, I reply with my eyes still fixed on the table.


“Always reply to me with ‘Yes Mistress’, understand?”


“Sorry, Mistress. Yes, Mistress,” I quickly reply


“Give me your phone” I hand it to her. “What’s the password?”


“0090 Mistress”, I nervously reply. I am thinking, oh my, what is she going to find or do on my phone. I sit quietly as she plays around with my phone.


“Is this your cock?” she asks loudly as she shows the screen of the phone to me, waving it around so that anyone near could see it.


“Yes, Mistress”, dropping my eyes to the table again.


“It will do, I suppose. But I will want it locked up in a chastity device if I take you on.”


“Whatever you wish, Mistress”, my cock twitch with the excitement of the control be proposed.


“Good”, she smirks. “Now, let’s share these pictures online.”


“Please, Mistress, don’t do that”, I frantically plead.


“Shut up, slave”, she laughs “, I’ll do what I fucking like with you” as I hear my phone make the swoosh sound of a message been sent.


“Mistress”, I tentatively ask. 


She looks up from the phone at me. “Yes?”


“Is there anything I can do so that you won’t send any more pictures of me?”


“No, Ha!” as she goes back to fucking around with my phone


The waitress arrives with our drinks and food and places them in front of us. “Is there anything else I can get you?”


Mistress replies, “No, thank you.”


I start to pick up my knife and fork, and I hear a cough from Mistress. She’s got a ‘how fucking dare you’ look on her face. I quickly drop the knife and fork and wait. Her face turns back to normal as I seemed to have done the correct instruction. I will wait till she orders me to eat. She tucks into her food, sips at her champagne and keeps sending messages from my phone whilst I just sit there with my eye on my untouched salad. 


The waitress returns, “Everything alright? Can I get you anything else?” as she looks oddly at my untouched plate.


“It’s fine, thank you”, says Mistress. “But I’ll have another glass of champers.”


“And you, Sir?” the waitress asks, looking at me.


“No, he’s fine”, Mistress replies for me. I just smile in acknowledgement. “You can bring us the cheque at the same time as the champers as we are in a rush.”


“Yes, no problem”, as the waitress heads off.


I stay silent and waiting for Mistress to interact with me, but she just ignores me and keeps messing around with my phone. Occasionally chuckling at things she is finding,

The waitress comes back with the champagne. She places the saucer with the bill in the middle of the table and scuttles away.


Mistress finishes her food and places her knife and fork neatly on the plate. “Slave pay the bill and leave a £100 tip.”


“£100”, I blurt out


Mistress leans in and reach under the table and grabs my cock and balls in her hand, and squeezes so tight, digging her nails in. I wince but don’t stop her. “Yes, never question me”, she calmly says to me, “Understand bitch?”


“Yes, Mistress,” I say painfully. “Sorry, Mistress.”


“Now, pay the bill as order and will you hurry up and finish that food” as she spits over my plate of food “, and drink all of that water too” as she picks up my glass and spits into that too and then in my face. She chuckles to herself as her spit trickles down my face.


I get my credit card out of my wallet and put it on top of the bill. “Give me your wallet?” she barks. I hand it over as she snatches it from my hand.


I start to eat my spit covered food as quickly as possible. I can see she has waved the waitress over, pointing at the bill. She quickly flicks through my wallet and takes all the money out of it and rolls it up, and slides it down her cleavage. She throws the wallet back at me, and it lands in my food. I pick it up and wipe it clean.


The waitress returns simultaneously with the card machine. “Who’s paying?” as she slides the card into the machine and types the amount in.


“That will be me”, I answer as she hands me the machine. I add the tip of £100, which is more than the cost of the meal. I put my pin in and hand the device back to the waitress.


She beams with a smile as she notices the tip that has been added, “Thank you, Sir.”


“He’s no, Sir”, Mistress chuckles, which makes me and the waitress go bright red again with embarrassment.


The waitress clears Mistress plate and glasses but leaves mine as it is still unfinished and heads back to the kitchen.

“Come on, you useless piece of shit”, she barks at me as she stands up. “I told you to finish that food and water, and you’ve failed. Now get my coat.”


I get up, leaving my food unfinished and put the oversized black coat over Mistress’s shoulders and let her push her arms through the sleeves. Her hand comes out of the sleeve and grabs me by the cock again but not so aggressively as before but certainly firm, giving me an instant hardon. I remembered from before I must not re-arrange myself down there. So I leave my cock bulge out of my trouse very noticeably. 


She hands me my phone. “I’ve changed the password on it dickhead”, she chuckles. “I might give you the code.” I slide it into my pocket, giving me the chance to just knock my hard cock to one side to make it slightly less noticeable as I follow her out of the restaurant towards the cinema.


The short walk to the cinema helps my cock calm down, thankfully, as it was bustling with people. She walks us up to the counter to buy the cinema tickets. She does all the talking and picks the film, seats and orders popcorn and a drink for herself. She just barks at me, “Pay the boy then slave” I go scarlet red as she has just called me a slave in front of this young lad.


He has a laughing smile on his face. “That’ll be £46.80…” he pauses. “SLAVE”, he chuckles as he looks towards Mistress.


I slide my credit card into the machine, and without thinking, I say, “Thank you, Sir”, with my head bowed.


The boy is chuckling away and goes off to make the drinks and popcorn. You can see him talking to his colleagues about us as they look over us with shocking humour. I am bright red with embarrassment whilst Mistress is entirely unfazed. He returns and hands the drinks, popcorn and tickets all to me. “Here you are, SLAVE”, he says again with a big smirk on his face.


I reply with a bowed head again, “Thank you, Sir” before I knew it, Mistress was heading towards the cinema screens. I quickly chase behind her struggling to carry everything. She waits at the entrance as I catch up.


“Hurry up, you useless slave and show the boy our tickets!” she shouts at me. She is making everyone look at us. She is still unfazed and seems to be taking great pleasure in humiliating me.


The boy checking tickets didn’t know where to look or what to do as I fumble to hold onto everything and hand him the tickets.


“Just down the stairs and to the right for Screen 3,” the boy says. “Enjoy the movie.”


She is off again as I try and keep up behind her. We are soon in the dark cinema and working our way down our row to our seats in the middle. They are premier seat. The most expensive. She has taken her coat off and is holding out towards me. I try and put things down and into cup holders as quickly as possible, but I can tell I am taking too long as she huffs. I take the coat from her, and she sits down and taps the seat beside her to say I can sit down too. I put her coat on the chair beside me.


The ads are still playing, and the cinema is only third full. No one else is on our row at the moment. I wonder if I might get a chance of a kiss with her. She leans over to my ear and whispers, “take your clothes off.”


I look at her, stunned, but she keeps looking ahead at the screen. I am shocked by the order. Did I hear her correctly? She then taps my knee with her finger and does a flick away. I start by kicking my shoes off. I start undoing my trousers as she leans in again. “Quicker slave!” I speed up, taking my trousers off with my socks as I pull my legs through. I undo the buttons of my shirt. I look around nervously, but everyone is fixed on the screen, and it is very dark, so I carry on. I take my shirt off so that I am now just in my tight boxer briefs, which are straining at the elastic due to my very hard erect cock. I look up to her, and she just raises an eyebrow like, why am I waiting. So I slide my underwear off so that I am entirely naked sat in the cinema.


She leans over again. “Get the plastic bag out of my coat pocket and put all your clothes apart from your shoes, phone and wallet in it and then hand it to me.”


I rummage into her coat pocket and find the bag that crackles as I pulled it out, bring attention to us as the ads finish, and there is silence as the film is about to start. I make quick work of getting my clothes into the bag. I leave my wallet and phone on top of her coat beside me and my shoe on the floor under me. I hand her the bag.


“Back in a moment. Stay where you are,” she orders as she leaves the cinema with all my clothes in the bag.


She returns a couple of minutes later as the intro to the film is starting. I don’t even know what we are here to watch. I don’t care. I am terrified. Excited. Embarrassed. All at the same time, and I love it.


She leans over again, grabbing my throbbing cock head and squeezes it as she hands me a cup of liquid. “A treat for you”, she whispers. “Drink it all up now.”


I take the paper cup of liquid from her hand. It is warm. Not hot… warm. I look down at the cup but can’t tell what it is. I bring it up to my lips, and my nose is filled with the smell of urine. She’s pissed in this cup for me. My cock twitches with excitement which makes her grip on it tighten even more. I chug all of it down in one go.  


I put the cup in the cup holder and lean to her ear. “Thank you, Mistress, for your piss.”


She leans back to my ear, still grasping at my throbbing cock. “It’s not mine,” she says with a chuckle. “That server boy was kind enough to make that for you. He also has your clothes.”


I turn in shock to her, but her eyes stay fixed on the movie, and her grip on me also stays firm. She starts to work her hand up and down the shaft of my cock, making me groan, which just makes all my worries seem to disappear. I can feel my cock oozing pre-cum. She scoops some of it in her hand and sticks her hand into my mouth. I lick her hand clean of my pre-cum. She grabs my face with her hand and pulls my head towards her. “Get down on your knees, slave and start licking me out”, she orders me.


I slide down the chair to the floor and move to be in between her legs. She leans down and undoes the zip that is down the side of her dress so that she can open her legs for me to get access. I slide my head under her skirt and up between hot legs. The heat coming from her body makes my head explode. I burrow my head into her crotch. She is not wearing any knickers and is completely shaved. I run my tongue around her clitoris and get to work on pleasuring Mistress.


I start to stroke myself as I work on her, which is met with a smack on my head and a kick in the balls. I muffle my groan of pain as best as I can. She leans over me and takes my arms, and pulls them behind my back. She holds my hands together as she slips a plastic band around them. I hear the sound of a zip and the plastic tighten my hands together and behind my back. She leans back again in her chair. Arching her back a little to give me more access to her clit and even her arse. She taps my head which is still under her dress. This time as I can reach her arse, so I start on that this time. I am burying my tongue deep into her arsehole.


I feel her body move with pleasure as I give her oral pleasure. I work long and hard on her arsehole. She taps me again on the head, so I move back to her clitoris, which is now sopping wet. I lick up all her juice and sensually work on her. I hear her groaning as she climaxes. I keep going as she has multiple orgasms. I can hear the movie going on, but I just don’t care… I just want to focus on Mistress.


She then slides back into the chair, moving away from me and pushes me with her stilettos shoe. The heel of which digs into my chest. I pull myself out from underneath her dress and look up to my very content Mistress. She taps the seat beside her. I slide back up into the chair with my hands still restrained behind my back. My cock has been hard the whole time, dripping in pre-cum. She grabs me by the back of the neck and pulls me into her breast, and she whispers down into my ear, “Go and get me another drink of that servers boys piss and see if you can get your clothes back” as she puts the empty cup of piss over my hard cock and lets go of my neck. 


With my hands still restrained, I get to my feet and keep crouched as I make my way out of the dark cinema. I push myself through the doors and look out into the foyer. It is empty apart from the server boy standing outside the toilets. I dash him, he instantly sees me and chuckles, “here’s the slave coming to beg for his clothes.”


I get up to him, naked, hands tied behind my back with just the cup perched on my hard cock. “Yes, Sir. I have been ordered to get some more of Sir’s piss for me to drink and to beg Sir for my clothes back.”


“Come on, follow me” As the boy goes into the accessible toilet. I follow behind as he locks the door behind us. I can see the bag of my clothes on the floor in there. He was expecting me. He then grabs me by the hair, pulls me down to my knees, and pushes my head into the toilet bowl. I don’t fight too much as I am enjoying been overpowered by the hot young lad. He drops the seat of the loo on my head. The bowl of the loo smells of piss and shit. He slaps my arse hard and squeezes my arse cheeks, and then pushes his dry finger into my arsehole. I groan with discomfort. “Shut it, slave. That's nothing! You’re taking my cock next!” As I feel him kneel behind me and slap his massive cock against my arsehole. It felt like a truncheon hitting my arsehole. He spits on my hole and rubs it around with the head of his enormous cock, and then just thrusts it into me. I can’t help but let out a scream of pain as my arse doesn’t cooperate with having this large cock shoved into it. He ignores me and thrust deep into me, banging his balls against mine. 


He fucks me relentlessly. Getting faster and faster. He then quickly pulls out, opens the lid of the loo and holding my head up to face him. I can now see his massive cock. It is the biggest I have ever seen. He then wanks himself to completion. Covering my face and hair in his boy cum. He pulls me up to my knees and then shoves his cum covered cock into my mouth. “Clean it, slave. It’s got all your arse over it. You dirty fucker!” 


I clean his cock with my tongue whilst looking up at the hot young lad. He shoves his hand into my mouth. “Clean that too!” as I suck each finger like a cock.


“Right, where is that cup” as he looks around on the floor and picks up the cup. He holds it up to my mouth. “Hold it with your teeth whilst I fill it again for you”. I bite down on the edge of the cup, holding it as he then fills with a torrent of piss. His aim is poor as he keeps hit my face, but I think that is on purpose. He zips himself up and helps me to my feet whilst still grasping the cup in my teeth. “Don’t spill any now. Expensive stuff”, he chuckles.


He unlocks the door, picks up my bag of clothes, and holds the bag next to my hands behind my back to grasp hold of the bag. He walks out of the toilet holding the door open for me. He walks back down the corridor to screen 3 and opens the doors to let me back into the cinema. I precariously make my way back to Mistress, who hasn’t moved. I go down to my knees as I need to put the bag down. I wait beside Mistress on my knees, holding the cup full of boy piss in my mouth. 


She eventually looks over to me and smirks, and points to the cup holder. I ease the cup of piss into the holder and look back up at her for her next non-verbal command. She makes a twirling gesture with her finger. I spin myself around, so I have my back to her. She then leans down and cuts my hands free. I rub my wrist as the cable tie had cut in a little. She taps the seat again for me to sit. I do as order.


The movie has come to an end, and the credits have started. I look around, nervous as people begin to get up and leave. I cover my cock with embarrassment, which is met with a slap on the back of my wrist from Mistress. I move my hands to the armrests and pray no one looks this way. The light goes up to a dull glow to help people leave. 


She then turns to me and says, “Well, slave, this has been a fun night, and you have entertained me, but you need a lot more work. I am willing to take you on even though you are a bit of a challenge. Are you ready to be owned?”


Without hesitation, I answer, “Yes, please, Mistress. I want this more than anything in the world.”


“Good. Slide your bag of clothes here,” she orders


I bend down and slide the bag to her side. She then picks up the cup of piss and pours it into the bags. “Now, hand me my coat” as she stands up.


I pick up her coat and help her into it. She looks at me and hands me a letter in her pocket. “This is a contract. Read it tonight and sign it and then deliver it to the address I have put in the contract tomorrow at 7 pm sharp. Understood?”


“Yes, Mistress”, I replied with a smile on my face.


She then leans into me like she is going to kiss me but instead knees me in the balls. I fall to my knees in pain as she steps over me and walks out of the cinema. 


I put the piss soaked clothes back on and pick up my phone and wallet and leave the cinema too. As I walk out of the cinema screen and into the corridor, I see the young lad in the same spot as before, smirking to himself as I walk up to him.


I say one more time, “Thank you, Sir”, as I make my way up the stairs and past him.


“I am looking forward to next time!” He chuckles back to me as I leave up the stairs.

Once home, I read and sign the most comprehensive slave contract. I give every power to Mistress. I then sign onto Facebook on my computer as I can’t unlock my phone. I hope to see if Craig is there. I send him a message;


Pete: Hey, are you there?

Craig: Welcome to Mistresses Stable

Craig: I hear you did well tonight. I can’t believe you took Tony’s cock. It is massive!

Pete: Tony? The cinema boy? How do you know that?

Craig: Haha, Tony is Mistress’s son. He works at the cinema. He owns us too. Read clause 42!


I quickly go back to the contract, and sure as hell… he does! Awesome! I grin ear to ear.


Pete: Thank you Craig x