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Behind the Words

I am Cary, a forty-something British author that lives in Surrey UK,  with my partner and cat. I have been writing on and off for many years but now focusing more of my time on writing. I hope to publish my first book soon. I have a few stories published on Nifty, but they don't pay the bills.

I work in theatre and events management, but with the pandemic of 2020, my career is making a forced change. I hope my writing can bring in a new income and help us move to Canada.

For all my adult life (and a bit of my teen life) I have enjoyed the world of BDSM and Master/slave relationships. When I was an early twenty-something I was a 24/7 live-in slave under contract for a few years to a wonderful Master. But I naturally developed into a Master myself. I feel that my experiences as a slave have made me a better Master and most of my writing is on the Master/slave subject.

Having such a power dynamic in a relationship is not for everyone. I have found that when you do embrace it, you can find something unique and can create a compelling and loving bond between the two or more people.

Over my life, I have delved into both sides of the power dynamic in BDSM. I have had people submit to me, some slaves under contract, and some are just wanting the one-off meets. I have equally submitted to dominant people and Masters. All have been enriching experiences for everyone involved. 

My partner was my slave under contract. We formalised that contract even further by getting married. We are very close but also open to explore our sexuality with others. That said, I am predominantly attracted to men, but I am also attracted to all sexes. If you had to put a label on me (I would preferably not be labelled), I would imagine I would have the label of gay or bisexual or even pansexual. I am much more fluid and flexible than any label. After all, life is to be enjoyed, even more so today! I want to have fun new experiences with other people - so do please get in touch or try and arrange a meeting! 

What is Cary into:

Anal Sex, Arse Worship/Rimming, Autagonistophilia (sexually exposed on live shows), Breath Control, Cages. Chastity, CMNM - Clothed men naked man, Cock and Ball Torture - (CBT), Cock Worship, Control (everything), Cum Facials/Eating, Dare & Risk games, Degradation, Discipline, Domestic slave - chores etc., Exhibitionism, Facesitting, Femdoms, Forced nudity (clothes being ripped off and destroyed), Forniphilia (being used as furniture), Group Fun, Humiliation, Hypnosis/Mind Control (New skill and getting quite good at it), Kidnap, Latex / Rubber, Leather, Long Term Sessions (slave contracts), Lycra, Master/slave, Metal Restraints,  Military, Mummification, Nipple Torture, Orders, Orgasm Control, Outdoors, Prison/Prisoner, Psychological Play,  Punishment, Rape Fantasies, Restraints, Roleplay, Rope Work, School Roleplay, Shaving, Spanking, Sports Kit, StraitJackets, Underwear, Uniforms, Visiting Dungeons or Fetish Clubs, Voyeurism, Watersports - (Piss Play).

== Cary's results from == 
99% Experimentalist 
97% Rope Bunny 
97% Degradee 
97% Ageplayer 
96% Switch 
95% Masochist 
95% Degrader 
95% Non-monogamist 
93% Sadist 
93% Voyeur 
93% Exhibitionist 
92% Brat 
91% Girl/Boy 
90% Rigger 
89% Owner 
88% Master/Mistress 
88% Slave 
88% Brat Tamer 
88% Daddy/Mommy 
87% Submissive 
87% Primal (Prey) 
84% Dominant 
81% Pet 
79% Primal (Hunter) 
4% Vanilla 
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Cary reading all your wonderful emails. He appreciates every single one of them.


Cary thinking up new stories and ideas

Holiday snap
Holiday snap

Cary at his holiday villa with a glass of red wine.


Cary is a keen cricketer but doesn't get to play as much as he use to.

Kimmy helping
Kimmy helping

Kimmy, Cary's cat was a kitten. She loved to climb on his head to help.

Sun Bathing
Sun Bathing

Working on his sun tan on holiday at his favorite place in the world.


Writing stories at his desk

twenty something
twenty something

Cary was a slave under contract when this picture was taken. Looking very innocent... but was he?!


When Cary was a teenage boy growing up in the UK.