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The HypnoMaster

August 2020 to present (still writing)

Peter, The HypnoMaster, with a click of his fingers, takes full control of Sebastian. Life will never be the same for Sebastian. Read the chapters on GayDemon and GayStories.Club



October 2020 to present (still writing)

We followed Nick Clark from "The Special Relationship" story when he was 16 years old. In this story, Nick is a young 13-year-old boy at a private prep school in England. He is getting bullied by a boy called Jace (Jason). Nick has a strong attraction to Jace.

Read my story and find out what happens to Nick with his bully... things get hot and steamy with the two boys.

Chapter 9 - Coming Soon!

The Master of his own Business

August 2020 to present (still writing)

This hot power play short story is a prequel to a book I am writing at the sametime. It sets the scene and helps introduce the characters. The main character is David Knight, he is the CEO of a large company. He likes to control his employees in more ways than one... he like to convert them into full time slaves for his pleasure. He already has his sales director, Alex Simpson, under his control. David soon has young Benjamin (Ben) Campbell, the office assistant, under slave contract after he makes a terrible mistake that cost the company millions. But this is the tip of the iceberg. David Knight is actually part of something much bigger... 


The "Special Relationship"

August 2020 to present (still writing)

This fictionalised retelling is based on true events of two 16 year old boys that are reunited after years being apart since their days at Prep School. The character names and identities have been changed for privacy. Chris and Nick have a fun week together when they discover their lust for each other. Things get very hot and steam in the pool house which sets them on a path of sexual discovery. Their friendship becomes a very special one as they both fall in love.


Re-written September 2020

This is the first story in a series about a boy called Adam and his life of slavery to Master Steve. This first book/story in the series is when Adam and Steve first meet. Adam arrives at Steve's house to play a  CMNM (clothed male, naked male) challenge and forced public nudity game. Things get very hot for Adam and he is soon starting a life of slavery with his new Master.

This story was written by Cary in July 2017 but he has now re-edited and the revised version will be published on www.GayStories.Club

Cary is also writing the next book/story in the series of "Adam's Life of Slavery"

You can read the original six chapters on Nifty

Coming soon


July, 2018

Just a quick short story about a couple that are on holiday and one of them makes his partner strip and get tied up in the woods behind the beach. After having his way he leaves him tied up covered in cum and piss. He has to escape and make his way home. It's isn't easy and he ends up getting fucked and used by a complete stranger.

He does get his revenge at the end!

Comments, feedback and donation very welcome.


March, 2018

This is a short story I wrote in an afternoon. It is about a guy called Pete who is bi and is very frustrated at work and needs to escape from the rat race of life. His casual hook-up friend, Craig, sets him up on a blind date with his Mistress.

She takes control of Pete instantly and gives him a night that he will never forget!

I hope you enjoy it. I will try and do more write this year!

Comments, feedback and donation very welcome.


August, 2017

Yes I know... I have a few stories on the go and I should really finish one of them! Well I can't control my imagination and what I want to write it seems.

I am working on an excellent story about two friends (with an age gap) going on holiday together. Well there dynamic changes into a Master/slave relationship.

Chapter 7 now published on Nifty... I am working on Chapter 8!



July, 2017

First chapter published of my new story - The Travelodge.  

This is my first piece of work published on Nifty. I wrote the first half on my Ipad, which has a dreadful word processor. So please excuse the mistakes. Not up to my usual standard.

This story is about a guy meeting a guy in a motel (British brand - Travelodge) who is used and abused. I won't spoil the ending of this chapter but he has an interesting run to his car!